CBD: How much should i take?
Thursday, 31 March, 2022

CBD: How much should i take?

In this article we talk about how to take CBD


CBD oil is becoming more and more of a staple in the self-care market - but why? 

 PharmaHemp brand offers CBD oil in drops, as well as in the form of gummies, a paste, and a balm depending Iif you prefer to take it sublingually. But back to CBD oil specifically - how much is the right amount?


How much CBD oil should you take?

As there is no official and approved calculation for how much CBD is the right amount. PharmaHemp recommend that users start with the number of drops stated on the packaging which can be a little as a single drop of CBD oil  depending on the strength. This is made easy by the drop container we sell our oil in. If required, daily consumption can be increased under the guidance of a doctor or health professional - with 70mg the maximum dosage per day.

There are factors which influence how much you might want to use such as:

  • Your body weight

  • The chemistry of your body

  • The CBD strength in your chosen product

  • External lifestyle influencers and factors


Why aren’t CBD oil amounts standardised?

In short, this is because the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) has not yet determined what the 'correct amount'  of CBD oil looks like. Without this overarching guideline, it is best to start small & work your way until you find the amount that you happy with.

Luckily our marked dropper allows to measure the amount you are using each time making it easier 


Other factors to consider when it comes to CBD oil

Aside from understanding the make up of your own body and how it will respond to CBD oil in relation to lifestyle choices and external factors, another thing which can impact the amount of CBD you might want to take is its strength. If you explore our range of CBD oil drops, you will see that some are listed as 5% while others go as high as 30%.

The strength will impact how many drops are required or recommended, so always pay attention to the bottle before administering your CBD oil.

Keep reading for a breakdown of how to calculate the right dosage for you.


CBD a final thought..

We’ve already talked about the influencing factors which can impact the right amount for you and have shared our recommendation. No matter what your body weight or mass, it is important that you always start with a low dose and work your way up if required, rather than starting at the top end of what is recommended.

As is the case with any new regime understanding and monitoring how your body responds to CBD oil is crucial for long term usage.

Feel like you’re ready to give CBD oil a go? Check out our Pharma Hemp online shop and discover a range of drops and other products which are all designed to make the benefits of CBD easier to access than ever before.

Be sure to also check out the Pharma Hemp blog for more information and useful content just like this article.

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