10 Ways To Support Gut Health On The Go
Thursday, 06 June, 2019

10 Ways To Support Gut Health On The Go

Author: Marianna Sulic

Stomach and digestive issues can ruin your day. It is important to your overall health and well-being that you keep your gut healthy.



According to John Hopkins Medicine


“The main drivers of gut health change are shifts in stomach acid, gut immunity and gastrointestinal flora—the complex ecosystem of bacteria in your digestive system.”         


Below we have outlined 10 of the best ways to support gut health when you are on the go.



Taking probiotics is a quick and easy way of addressing your gut issues. Research has indicated that probiotics are a great way of combating digestive issues.

Probiotic supplements help promote proper digestion and a healthy gut microbiome. They are also a great choice because they can be easily taken while on the go.



Although exercise is more strenuous than taking a few probiotic supplements every day it is definitely a worthy method of improving your gut health. Regular exercise will help to decrease the strain on your heart and will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight or underweight is bad for your gut health. Studies have shown that engaging in regular exercise will increase the “bacterial diversity” of your gut.


Manage stress

Managing stress may be easier said than done but it is vital to maintaining good gut health. Editor in Chief of the Harvard Health Letter, Anthony L.Komaroff, says that “a person's stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression. That's because the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected.”

Being mindful of your mental wellbeing is an easy way of keeping your gut health in check.


Consume fermented food and drinks

There are a number of foods that have been shown to help gut health and alleviate digestive strain. Certain fermented products like miso, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha are great for your health.


Lower sugar levels

High amounts of sugar have been shown to disturb the gut microbiome. If you want to have a healthy gut you will have to begin ditching treats and snacks that are high in sugar.


Eat slower

This may sound obvious, but eating fast and when you are moving will often lead to indigestion. Simply by taking more time with your meals you may find that your gut health improves.


Drink less alcohol

Moderate amounts of red wine have been shown to improve gut health. As with everything moderation is key.

Chronic alcohol consumption is bad for your gut health. If you are indulging in bad drinking habits you should try to reign it in if you want to maintain good health gut.


Eat high fiber foods

If you are not in to fermenting then other food like bananas, brussel sprouts and peas are a good source of fibre that will help your gut. Understandably, most people will prefer to snack on a banana than a brussels sprout. But both serve as wonderful natural remedies to your gut problems.


Yogurts and almonds

Yogurt is produced by fermenting milk and has great probiotic properties to aid proper digestion. Almonds are another great natural probiotic source. Both yogurts and almonds are ideal snacks to eat on the go that will greatly benefit your gut health.


Stop overusing antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to fight bacterial infections. Frequently, people are developing a resistance to antibiotics because they have overused them.

Antibiotics disturb your gut microbiome and have been shown to affect your gut health. Ultimately, you should only use antibiotics at your doctors recommendation and you should be aware that they affect your gut health.

Hopefully the above tips have given you an idea of how to keep your gut healthy when you are on the move. It is important to consider your gut when you are thinking about your overall health.



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