Tuesday, 19 March, 2019

An Interview With Fitness Coach Jamie Lloyd

Having recently won Gold at the English Kettlebells Championships, fitness writer, speaker and coach Jamie Lloyd is well placed to teach us a thing or two about exercise and nutrition. Jamie Lloyd talks to us about incorporating fitness into our lives, the importance of a good diet and his top tips for endurance and recovery.



What inspired your dedication to fitness and nutrition?

I have been involved in sport ever since I started playing rugby and doing long-distance running at the age of six. My Mum was an aerobics instructor and she inspired me to keep fit.


You recently won gold at the English Kettlebell Championships – why are kettlebells your fitness regime of choice?

I've been using kettlebells for eight years now and they are a great tool for work capacity; you can get a phenomenal workout done in a short amount of time. They not only build significant all-round strength but they challenge the cardiovascular system and core, too. When used properly, kettlebells strip body fat, rehabilitate and strengthen the whole kinetic chain.


What do you find are people’s top fitness concerns and what advice do you give?

Most people say that they have no time to exercise and find that they get caught up in the rat race of busi-ness and put their health second to their job, so my advice is to move every day.

This doesn't mean you have to do an all-out exercise class or personal training session, but find the time to walk, stretch for five minutes, meditate, or if you have more time do a quick metabolic body weight session followed by a run. Do something kind to your body every day and move it the way it's meant to move! Plus eat at least one nutrient-dense meal a day even if it's a salad, juice or smoothie if you are sucked for time.


How can people introduce fitness into their lives for the long-term?

Start off by writing down your fitness goals and what you actually want to achieve in three, six and 12 months, then monitor them closely. Set realistic and achievable goals which will help keep you training and motivated. Get accountability by hiring a coach, trainer or even just train with a friend. Make sure you are consistent, stay focused and before you know it you will have hit your goals.


For people who already work out regularly, how can they take their bodies to the next level?

Okay, they have done the exercise DVD, done the odd gym class, had that free one-to-one training session at the gym, tried yoga or pilates but still seem to hit a plateau. For those people stuck in a rut, hire a coach. We offer 12 week transformation programs and focus on your training, nutrition, mind set - and most importantly, the results that you want.


What is the connection between nutrition and fitness?

There is a massive connection. I get more results with nutrition than I do with the training aspect. Most people want to look better aesthetically and feel better; get the nutrition right and everything will fall into place.
It's important to eat clean 70-80% of the time, eat as close to nature as possible and only eat nasties on your cheat day once a week.


What are your top tips for endurance and recovery?

My top tips for endurance and recovery are to follow the five key pillars for optimum health:

  1. Get to sleep by 10:30pm each night to give your body sufficient rest and to lower cortisol levels.
  2. Drink one litre of clean filtered water per 50lbs of bodyweight a day.
  3. Eat 80% organic food and eat one raw meal a day.
  4. Take a hot magnesium bath and have a weekly massage.
  5. Take two tablespoons of Udo’s Oil a day to help support joints, reduce inflammation and boost recovery.


What does your typical daily diet consist of?



This could include a smoothie, porridge or an omelette.



I am forever drinking water or greens and if I don't drink enough greens I feel rubbish and tired! I drink two litres of Beyond Greens or Power Greens a day and snack on almonds, grapes, cashew nuts, rice cakes and hummus or my favourite; dried apricots.



Fish with steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables with steak, stir fries or soup.



Similar to lunch but I make sure I listen to my body, so if I feel like I need more carbs after an intense session I load up on potatoes or rice.



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