Combat Bloating In Three Steps
Wednesday, 27 March, 2019

Combat Bloating In Three Steps

Bloating and general gut discomfort is a very big problem which ultimately has many negative effects which can hamper your health and progress in terms of positive body composition changes. There are multiple reasons why bloating and gut dysfunction occurs and why this is a very bad thing for you, so I'll explain some of the common causes below and then give you a 3 step solution.



The 3 main factors which will lead to bloating are consuming allergens, consuming too much of the same protein based foods and not consuming enough fibrous vegetables. There are other key factors however these are the 3 primary reasons which I see arising, over and over again. 

Here's a very simple plan for you to address these issue to suppress bloating and the other issues which you associate along with persistent gut issues.



The quickest way to fix an issue with your gut is to get a comprehensive test done with a specialist to highlight any allergens and sensitivities you suffer from. This will give you a very black and white outline of what you need to remove from your diet. Often people have some form of issue with the likes of dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat and potentially less obvious things like garlic. We are all different in this instance, but having a test will help show what foods are problematic for you.


Food rotation

This isn't the first time I've advised you to do this but it's absolutely crucial to your results and well-being so I'll remind you!! Try and get your protein from 3-5 unique sources throughout the day and week in order to ensure you're not over eating the same protein based food each and every time. It's very common to see individuals eating diets which are predominately made up of chicken breast, which over time will lead to sensitivities developing in many cases.

Rotate your protein sources, it's very easy to do so there's no excuses.



Far too many people simply under eat when it comes to vegetables therefore their fibre intake isn't adequate which leads to gut issues, leading to bloating amongst other things. Having a broad range of fibrous vegetables won't only improve your health, it will also help sort your gut out. All of a sudden you'll find that you're far more "regular" and that the bloating you've been suffering with subsides.

Although eating 3-5 servings of fibrous vegetables a day isn't always easy, using a greens powder such as Udo's Choice Beyond Greens makes it far easier! Wake up, have a serving immediately and you will help nourish your gut for the day.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider where preventing bloating is concerned, but this 3 step process is the most simple and effective way of going about it.

Written by: Neil Hill

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