How Stubborn Is Your Body Fat
Wednesday, 27 March, 2019

How Stubborn Is Your Body Fat

Recently I’ve been creating a lot of written content at about fat loss and how to specifically address stubborn body fat in trouble areas such as your abdominals, lower back, thighs and chest region. One key question I keep coming back to is how committed are you to losing fat 



Are you willing to track your macros and calories correctly and are you actively doing this currently? How hard are you training? Are you really going to the limit every workout and are you getting your cardio in as you should be. What about your supplementation, are you being dedicated with that and ensuring you’re taking the right supplements to optimise your gut health and fat loss for instance? 

These are all questions which you need to be able to give a “yes” to in order to move forward, before you make any further changes.
The thing I’ve found is that it’s very common for people to say that they have stubborn body fat as where in reality they aren’t doing everything correctly to pull their fat levels down. Potentially they’re eating too many calories and not tracking their food so they don’t really know where their baseline is. Maybe they’re missing meals which means that their metabolic rate may suffer and they’re becoming more vulnerable to catabolism.

With all of that said here’s a simple 3 step process for you to analyse where you’re truly at with your fat loss, which should help you address unwanted body fat.


Track everything

Like I’ve already said before you make any changes you need to know exactly how much you’re really consuming on a day to day basis. It is very easy to under estimate how much you’re eating which is extremely common within the fat loss circles. If you track each meal you will have proof of your calorie and macro intake which in turn presents you with your baseline. From here you can make any changes suitable, with the knowledge that you’ve done that with the right information rather than just guessing. Just by getting specific with your tracking you can accelerate your fat loss.


Build momentum

The key to fat loss really is getting everything in order and then building momentum with your commitment levels and sustaining it. Fat loss is an ongoing process which takes time, in many instances you will lose between 1-2lbs of fat per week. Potentially you have 20-30lbs of fat to drop, maybe more which shows you just how important it is to have the mind-set that it’s an ongoing process. Don’t get caught up in the negative mind-set that you constantly need to make changes every other day for instance. If you’re tracking things properly then you need to allow enough time for those positive changes to take place.


Tick all of the boxes

Like I said in the introduction you must tick all of the boxes including your cardio, monitoring that, tracking the weights you’re achieving in the gym, the reps you’re doing with those weights and your supplements. This comes right down to your hydration levels, everything matters when you’re looking to maximise your fat loss. If you can tick all of these boxes then you’ll find that all of a sudden what you regarded as stubborn body fat is just fat which needed the right environment to be exposed of.
Hopefully this has highlighted some of the key reasons why you suffer with stubborn body fat and how to address it.
Written by: Neil Hill

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