How To Beat Fatigue
Monday, 05 August, 2019

How To Beat Fatigue

Are you asking yourself, why am i tired all the time? Fatigue, tiredness and general energy loss is a major problem in modern society. It is normal to feel tired from time to time but feeling fatigued on a regular basis is an issue you should address.



Fatigue can stem from a number of lifestyle and dietary issues. Most commonly fatigue relates to bad habits you have picked up overtime. Thankfully, many of these issues have simple solutions that involve changing or tweaking your diet and exercising more regularly. Once the basics are mastered, you can then look at adding in supplements

Below we have outlined some of the simplest ways you can start to beat fatigue so that you can get on with your day.


Diet is the foundation

Fatigue can be the result of a poor or mismanaged diet. The best way to tackle excessive tiredness and fatigue is to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Creating a diet is as much about cutting things out as it is about consuming new foods. It is important to cut down your sugar intake. The rush of energy that does come from sugary treats is short lived and will have your body looking for more. Eating lots of sugary foods will ultimately lead weight gain, as sugary foods are typically more calorie dense than whole foods and keep you craving more. Sugar isn’t just in the obvious foods like chocolate bars either, ready meals, prepackaged foods and even things like pasta sauces are often packed with sugar. Ultimately If you are overweight, following a diet high in sugar, you are more likely to suffer from fatigue and over-tiredness.

So, what should you be eating? As we know, it is good to eat a few portions of fruit and vegetables every day and you should always be looking to eat as many whole foods as possible, like whole grains, meat, eggs, beans, seeds & nuts. All of these foods are full of nutrients that your body needs daily. Eating energy rich foods at regular intervals will keep sustained throughout the day which is a good way of combating fatigue.


Exercise and rest

Another way of lessening the effects of fatigue is to exercise regularly. If you’re just starting out, exercise can be as simple as a 10-minute walk can be a great energy boost. Even the smallest amount of regular exercise will make a difference. You can then start to build this up, into jogging, running, cycling or even trying activities like yoga or classes at your local gym. In the long run you will have more energy if you incorporate moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in to your weekly schedule.



You can also take supplements to alleviate fatigue. Deficiencies in your nutrient levels can lead to tiredness. If you are unable to replenish these nutrients through your diet you should consider taking certain supplements.

Certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can have a marked effect on the ability of your body to function normally. Taking Vitamin B12 and CoQ10 supplements for example are a great way of boosting your energy deposits on a daily basis.

When supplements are used in combination with simple lifestyle changes, they are a great way of reducing fatigue.


Beating fatigue

Ultimately, the way you choose to tackle fatigue will be down to you.

As we’ve mentioned eating healthy and exercising regularly should keep fatigue at bay. If you live a busy life and these steps aren’t sufficient then you may want to consider taking supplements to ensure you are getting key nutrients and health fats.

If you continue to feel fatigued after adjusting your diet and lifestyle, then it may be a medical issue like chronic fatigue or burnout which you should see your doctor about.

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