How To Stay Fit While Travelling
Wednesday, 27 March, 2019

How To Stay Fit While Travelling

As I write this article for you I’m currently in Australia and before that I’d just got back to the UK for a few days from the USA. This time of year my travel commitments really take off and it can become intense. Obviously my sleep pattern can become interrupted greatly and it can sometimes become harder to keep on top of my dietary requirements and training. Yet I don’t let this get in the way of progression, I just make the right adaptations and make sure I plan ahead.



I’ve put down 3 things I do when I travel to help keep my consistency even with all of this travel. Bearing in mind, I’ve got several internal flights within Australia as well!!


Every day I make sure that my nutrition is taken care of, even if its at a basic level. For instance, I’m a huge proponent of supporting gut health and this never changes. If you’ve read my books with Dr. Paul Rimmer you’ll know how focused I am on this. With that said my Super 8 microbiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Beyond Greens drink from Udo’s Choice travel everywhere with me. There’s no excuse to let this slip!

In terms of my eating, I still make sure every 2-4 hours I get some quality protein in, essential fatty acids and the right complex carbs. Sometimes this might mean finding somewhere which can make this for me, but I do what it takes. In the event of not finding anywhere, you can always resort to meal replacement powders, rice cakes and nuts which all travel well!



When I travel I will often manage to get to a good gym facility and train, however there are times when my schedule won’t allow for that or maybe I’m just not close to a gym without transport. The reality is there is never an excuse to skip your cardio, you can go outside of your hotel and get that done, when you’re travelling this is very important just to keep your calorie turnover intact. In terms of resistance training there’s no reason why you can’t do something in the hotel room if nothing else is available to you. The other day in Heathrow airport I had no time to get to the gym before my flight so I did a push-up workout in my room for chest, high reps, short rest periods and I got a great pump. Yes I’d prefer to be in a gym, but it’s better to do something like this than nothing at all when you’re limited on options.



One of the most important things you must do all of the time is stay hydrated, but when you travel this can become even more important. With sudden climate changes, flights and a lack of real sleep your body needs to remain in a state of hydration to maintain good health and sustain fullness within the muscle. Make sure you’re drinking bottled water regularly throughout the day, even adding electrolyte powder will help. Coconut water is another great choice if you can get it, the main thing is you stay hydrated.
Hopefully this has helped give you some clarity and direction when you’re travelling like I currently am.
Written by Neil Hill

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