Six Ways To Set Yourself Up For The Best Year
Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Six Ways To Set Yourself Up For The Best Year

The beginning of a new year is the best opportunity for making some improvements to yourself and your current lifestyle. Most people set themselves some new year’s resolutions and goals for the 12 months ahead, whether that is to exercise more, meditate, read more or spend less time on their phones.

For many, as soon as January hits, the motivation and energy for change are lacking, and those new goals fall by the wayside. If you haven’t yet set yourself some goals and prepared for the new year, there is still time to get January off to a good start.


Before you can begin making changes to your lifestyle and embracing new healthy habits, you need to prepare. One of the best ways to set yourself up for a new improved you this year is to declutter. We are talking about both physically and mentally clearing space in your head and your life. Not all clutter will be in a tangible form, and emotional clutter is just as distracting as physical.

Begin by clearing your home of any items you no longer need or no longer make you happy. Once your space is clearer, you can focus on doing the same with your mind. Pay close attention to your thoughts and any that don’t serve you well, simply let them go. Journaling your thoughts is a great way to keep on top of everything, and also being able to talk with those close to you is great for decluttering by sharing.

List Your Goals

Whether you want to lose weight, stop skipping breakfast or start taking your lunch to work every day, it is important you set specific goals. Whatever you want to achieve this year, decide where you want to be in one month, and then where you want to be in one year.

Write all these goals down and look back at them if you are ever feeling demotivated. By physically listing your goals, you will be more likely to stick with them and achieve them.

Stay Accountable

Many people struggle with accountability when it comes to their goals, leading to excuses and lack of motivation. Make someone close to you your accountability buddy and let them know your new goals. Ask them to check in with you regularly to help you stay on track. This way, if you start falling back into old habits, you have to be accountable for your actions.

If you don’t have anyone to work with, then join groups and clubs that share similar goals.

Make Exercise A Habit

Exercise has so many benefits to not only your health but also your happiness. It releases endorphins and leaves you feeling good, as well as being great for fighting depression. Even if your new year goals don’t involve losing weight, starting an exercise regime can enhance every area of your life.

By making regular exercise a habit, it will be easier to stick with, and you will see some significant improvements in the long run. An exercise regime doesn’t have to be a chore, and you can choose activities that you enjoy to make it easier to commit to.

Eat Well

Along with regular exercise, your diet also plays a massive role in your overall wellbeing and happiness. For a productive and successful year, you need to be giving your body the right fuel to thrive. We aren’t saying you need to put yourself on a diet or restrict what you eat. Instead, it is about making healthier choices all round.

Choose high-quality foods and whole food sources when you can. Always try to prioritise protein, vegetables and fruit in your meals as these are the aspects that will help you stay full and feel good. Keeping a food diary is a great way of keeping track of what you are eating and how different foods make you feel.

Fix Your Fatigue

Getting enough sleep is one of the most effective ways of enhancing your performance and preparing yourself for the day ahead. Most people do not get enough high-quality sleep, leaving them tired and groggy. The optimal amount of sleep is 7 to 9 hours a night with no electronic distractions.

Try to keep your bedroom free from technology such as TVs, phones and computers, and always get to bed at a reasonable time. If you have trouble sleeping, make sure you are not drinking any caffeine after 4 pm and limit your alcohol consumption too.

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