Brain Health

The brain prefers Omega 3s in phospholipid form.

Your brain is your master control centre housing the central point for an incredible nervous system which relays important information to and from the rest of your body. This is also the part of your body that stores and recalls your thoughts, emotions and memories and monitors your reactions, formats your speech, drives your actions and expresses your personality. That’s quite a lot to be on top of! Like other parts of your body your brain has a unique set of requires that enable it to function smoothly, effectively and tirelessly.

Optimum Brain Nutrition

Cells in the brain communicate through a series of synapses - gaps between cells through which chemical messengers called neurotransmitters travel across before finding a receptor site at their destination to dock onto and have their effect. The brain requires adequate levels of B-vitamins, zinc, magnesium, calcium and omega 3 fats for the right messages to be transferred at the right time and in the right intensity. Fats are very important for brain function and this is reflected by the fact that the brain contains around 60% fat! Of course we need the right types of fats for the brain to be in balance and science has revealed that the omega 3 fats and phospholipids are of great importance for brain health.

Benefits of Phospholipid Omega 3

One of the major benefits of Cleanmarine is that it delivers a good dose of phospholipid omega 3 fats already wrapped up in a layer of phospholipids which gives it a head start when it comes to being able to deliver these essential fats straight to tired brain cells. Boosting omega 3 fats helps to regenerate brain function, improve memory and IQ and have a positive impact on mood.

Adequate sleep

A tired brain is a fuddled and foggy brain unable to curtail emotions, think clearly or appropriately action physicality. One way to keep your brain switched on is to make sure that you get adequate good quality sleep. If you have problems sleeping then make sure you install a sleep routine which will help you wind down, relax and be able to fall asleep more easily. Remove all screens from the bedroom, have a relaxing lavender oil bath before bed and read something light to help you switch off from the intensity of the day.