For Sport

Good nutrition plays a key role in any sporting field as when your cells operate at their best so can you. Getting the right amount of essential fats within the body in the right balance will serve you well in achieving your nutritional goals. Including Ultimate Oil Blend will help you maintain the optimum level of essential fatty acids as you push your body and it’s cells to perform.

Udo's Ultimate Oil Blend for Sports & Fitness

Two independent research studies investigating the performance enhancing effect of Udo's oil in athletes found that Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil blend assisted:


     Improved energy intensity and sustainability

As an athlete you need to get 15-25% of your total energy from 'good' fats during exercise. This fuel is a slow burn fuel that leads to sustainable energy rather than the quick burn fuel provided by sugar and other carbohydrates which quickly lead to an energy “crash”.


       Increased muscular & cardiovascular endurance


EFAs improve the body’s ability to oxygenate by making the capillary network more accessible to the blood in the body.  This results in improvements in VO2 max –  a measure of endurance and power output.





Faster, more complete muscle recovery after training & competing
Reduction in inflammation – less joint and muscle soreness 
   Accelerated healing of injuries     


    The anti-inflammatory properties from the balance of Omega 3 and 6 EFAs assists joint function minimising inflammation and soreness.The efficient working of the membranes of each cell allows the efficient transfer of nutrients into the cell for optimum recovery. 


           Improved flexibility with increased range of motion
           Improved joint Function and mobility


    The EFAs ensure that cell membranes operate optimally meaning that they are malleable. As the cells within the muscles are more malleable they tend to be less prone to injury.

    Strength & Power

       Consistent strength gains in weightlifting

    Having higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in the muscle cell may enhance the muscle growth.