All of us can experience times when our energy has just hit a flat patch.

Kids are no exception to this! Disrupted nights sleep, emotional turmoil of forming friendships, increased need for good behaviour and extra focus at school, plus the incredible amount of growth and development that is still taking place can all take the a hit on their energy systems. So how can you help your little cherubs get fired up again?

First it’s a good idea to ditch the stimulants as these simply tax their natural energy reserves – ditch the sweets, sugary treats and sugar rich soft drinks (even fruit juice packs a high sugar content) and beware of chocolate which has a double whammy as it contains sugar and the stimulant caffeine! Keep them hydrated with lots of water, diluted fruit juice or even herbal or fruit teas. Check their diets for refined carbs (white bread, white pasta, white rice) as these can send their blood sugar, mood and energy on a bit of a rollercoaster. Swap to wholegrain versions – wholewheat pasta, brown rice and wholemeal bread are all good alternatives providing them with slow release sugars rather for more even energy across the day.


The body requires plenty of B-vitamins to convert the carbohydrates in food into units of energy that can fire-up the body! These B-vitamins can be found in wholegrains, pulses and lentils - all of which should feature in their diet. The body is unable to store B-vitamins so you need to make sure your children get a daily supply.

Good Nights Sleep

There is nothing more restorative that a good night’s sleep but some children find it hard to drift off to sleep easily making bedtime a fraught time. Anxieties about the day, fears of being in the dark or a desire for attention can leave some children fighting off sleep. A regular sleep routine can help to encourage a better bedtime success and removing stimulating screens such as TV, tablets and smart phones earlier on in the evening can also help encourage a calmer wind-down to the end of the day.

Calming Omega 3 Factor

Omega 3 fats contribute in a large way to brain chemistry and are also an integral component of the nervous system. Improving omega 3 status can often have a calming effect on the brain and the nervous system which can be a welcomed benefit for tricky sleepers! Taking Cleanmarine for Kids a couple of hours before you start the bedtime routine could just be the magic key to an easy and restorative nights sleep for your little cherub.