Lauren Lovatt

Lauren Lovatt is the creator of Plant Academy a new culinary school in East London London, and is a Plant Based chef and Entrepreneur.

Her passion for plants led her to open a vegan and gluten restaurant in the cotswolds which she ran for some years before continuing her training in LA at Matthew Kenney Culinary. For Many years Lauren has hosted plant based dining experiences, taught Professional chefs plant based food from fundamentals and fermentation to advanced fine dining.

She is a Princes Trust Entrepreneur with her concept Feed your Mind Candy - inspiring better mental health through food alongside running her Plant Academy, teaching for Leith’s, offering recipe development and freelance food consultancy

Lauren’s food is all about using Natural ingredients Elevated. Using elements of surprise and sprinkles of superfoods around a base of local and wild ingredients this holistic and creative nature makes her her food delicious, unique and mesmerising.


Posts by this contributor

CBD Slice

Inspired by New York. Where CBD is even in the cater. Get ready for this superfood to be everywhere this year. This is what to do with it.

Gooey Carob Fudge Bars

These gooey little bars are the ideal brain boosting snack. Designed with a good dose of omega rich seeds, super fruits and brain nourishing nuts.

Nori Rolls With Root Vegetable Rice And Fermented Hot Sauce

These seasonal nori rolls are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings whilst providing you with essential nutrition so you feel great on the inside and look great on the outside.

Pea Hummus On Toast

Enjoy this healthy twist on a classic dish and mix up your usual meals!       METHOD If using fresh...

Cultured Lemon Cheesecake, Ginger Pastry And Raspberry

The perfect desert to show off your cooking skills. Impress your friends and family with this tasty, health boosting lemon cheesecake.

Harvest Bowl

This bowl offers ultimate nutrition for the season. Using the last of the winter vegetables and smothering them in a tasty dressing to bring warmth to the month.

High Vibe Hot Chocolate

Warm up with this creamy hot chocolate. A tasty treat with a healthy boost! 

Carrot Fritters And Kale Satay

These tasty and delicious carrot fritters compliment the kale satay perfectly! Guaranteed to impress both friends and family with this healthy bite!

British Bean Pancakes With Hoisin Kale

A healthy twist on a tasty treat! Enjoy these Bean Pancakes With Hoisin Kale for breakfast, lunch or dinner!