If there’s one thing a man needs lots of its Energy!

Everyday you need to wake up and feel like you have the strength and power of a warrior to conquer the world, and that’s not going to happen if you feel depleted, washed out or down right dog tired at the end of each day! Let’s face, it we’ve all got a lot on our shoulders these days and the burden of responsibilities and mundane weekly routines can literally suck the life out of your joi-de-vive!

Sugar & Stimulants In Check

Jump out of groundhog day and shake up your metabolism and you’ll soon be firing on all cylinders again! Ditching the espressos, sugary snacks and refined carbohydrates can help to get you off the energy roller coaster. Replace these stimulants with plenty of water and complex carbohydrates so your body can deliver a more even and consistent supply of energy across the day. This will help you regain focus, mental agility and feel more energised.

The Mighty Mitochondria

At the heart of every cell in your body is a power house called a ‘mitochondria’ a specialised unit that works like a boiler room converting glucose (sugar) from your food into units of energy know as ATP. The catalytic converter that keeps this chain reaction in production is called Co-enzyme Q10. During times of tiredness these mitochondria may have become a little inefficient, luckily they can be re-ignited and re-activated by supplementing with a good dose of Coenzyme Q10. Cleanmarine for Men contains 25mg of Co-enzyme Q10 also known as ubiquinone helping you keep your energy systems topped up and efficient.

Get Switched On By B-Vitamins

You have probably clocked onto the fact that sugar provides us with energy but what you might not know is that the body requires B-vitamins to actually convert the sugar into energy. With out adequate B-vitamins converting sugar into energy becomes very hard work. The problem is that B-vitamins aren’t stored in the body very well, so you need to make sure that you have adequate B-vitamins in your diet. If you tend to eat ‘white’ refined foods then you may not be getting enough B-vitamins since these are lost during the refining process. Switching to brown bread, brown rice and wholegrain pasta is one way to get a B-vitamin booster. It’s worth noting that stress also depletes the body of B-vitamins so finding ways to overcome stress is a good way to get your energy back.

Supplementing with Cleanmarine for Men which also contains B-vitamins is another reliable way to keep your B-vitamins topped up.