A Look at the Best Sellers of 2022
Monday, 14 November, 2022

A Look at the Best Sellers of 2022

A recap of our most popular products from the past 12 months



The CBD market continues to grow here in the UK and 2022 has been one of the best years yet in terms of expansion and product growth – with PharmaHemp offering four key products to consumers.

But which of our offerings have been the most sought after, over the past 12 months? 

Read on to learn about four of our most popular products from 2022.


Entourage Drops

Made from natural CBD extract combined with a selection of different carrier oils, our Entourage Drops are designed to be used in small and targeted quantities – with the word entouragereferring to the complex mix of components and nutrients which give each drop of solution a highly effective potency.

These drops can be taken directly via a few drops on the tongue or can be integrated into cooking and baking – enabling users to easily enjoy the product without changing anything about their usual routine.



CBD balms are designed to be worked directly into the skin, with only a small amount needed to be applied each time. Made from organically grown plants, our balms are clean and chemical-free and are one of our most sought after product types.



Comparing CBD paste with other products throws up a range of benefits, including the fact that paste is generally more concentrated than balms.

Generally, users cite CBD paste as a more effective and efficient means of getting their ideal amount, however this depends on the individual. 


Why PharmaHemp?

Here at PharmaHemp, we provide consumers with the guidance and advice that helps them not only understand the growing CBD market in general and all the different products available, but also how to safely introduce CBD into their own routine.

For more information on all of these products and to learn more about CBD usage, visit our website, check out our blog, and browse the information on the individual product pages.  

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