Can You Travel With CBD?
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Can You Travel With CBD?

If youre in touch with the latest news and development around supplements, natural remedies, and overall health and wellbeing products and solutions, then you will be no stranger to the incredible rise in popularity of CBD products. CBD is now a major player in the alternative therapies market, with a huge fan base of users who swear by it.

But not everyone feels the same way as we do about CBD. In fact, some countries still do not allow or have grey areas surrounding CBD with regards to usage and possession – which begs the following question.

Is it legal to travel with CBD?


The research to do in advance of travelling with CBD

The easiest way to answer the question of travelling with CBD is to look at and research whether CBD is legal in the country youre travelling to. The answer is unlikely to be crystal clear in terms of a yes or no answer, with some destinations outlawing specific levels of THC, while in other cases you may find that even if the country allows it, the airline youre travelling with does not.

For example, if youre going on a long haul flight and your destination allows CBD but your stopover country does not, you could face issues you never even considered with regards to CBD – making prior research very important to ensure you are travelling within the realms of the law.

Here are a few guidelines relating specifically to Europe and to the rest of the world, to kickstart your research and point you in the right direction.


CBD and European travel

The first and most important thing about Europes response to CBD is that every country has been granted the freedom to set their own rules and regulations around CBD usage – which means that every single one is different and there is no blanket answer to the question. In the UK, CBD is readily available if the THC content is within the boundaries of what is considered safe; in other countries the THC level must be guaranteed 0%, and in other countries still CBD is entirely illegal.

Check the specific regulations of the country youre travelling to, in order to be sure.


CBD and other travel destinations

Interestingly, its not just the legality of CBD you should be aware of but also the quantities that are allowed and those which are outlawed. Just as you would pay attention to the quantity of liquids placed in carry-on bags at the airport, knowing the quantities of CBD that youre allowed to carry – if youre allowed to carry it at all – is an important part of preparing to travel.

In addition, familiarising yourself with the CBD regulations of all the countries and destinations youre stopping in is crucial, as is assessing any rules around carrying CBD in hand luggage or carry-on bags vs. hold luggage.


The big question: should you travel with CBD?

The biggest challenge you will face when looking to travel with CBD is that every country and destination has its own rules, regulations, and policies – and these can change swiftly and without much warning, making it difficult to keep ahead of what is and is not allowed.

Where possible, leaving your CBD products at home is generally the safest option – however, vigilant research and checking reputable sources should ensure that you can travel with your favourite products and remain on the right side of the law.

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