CBD: Looking Beyond Just Drops and Oils
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

CBD: Looking Beyond Just Drops and Oils

If youre into your health and wellness, youll have noticed plenty of adverts both online and in various stores for CBD oils and drops.

But while many CBD products on the market take the form of oils and drops, here at PharmaHemp there are not the only options available to our customers – and theyre certainly not the only products made widely available by manufacturers.

Lets take a closer look at some alternative formats and products which are helping to make CBD more accessible.


CBD balm

CBD balm is one of the best products for targeted application. A much thicker product than the oils and drops, CBD balm boasts a lower concentration of CBD which makes it a safe and accessible product for regular use.


CBD gummies

Ideal for daily usage, gummies present an easily accessible way to consume CBD.

In addition to the ideal dosing, CBD gummies are also designed to taste good – making them a great alternative for many users.


CBD beauty products

In a study of different CBD products and uses, the beauty market is one of the broadest in terms of its accessibility – with everything from serums to night creams being used to soothe the skin, regulate the production of oil, and offer a soft, light texture for daytime use. 

The difference between CBD beauty products and the standard oils and drops is that these beauty items are far less intense with regards to their CBD content. While the beauty products boast CBD as one of the core ingredients, CBD oil and drops are more targeted in terms of their structure.


CBD oral sprays

Designed to facilitate easy access to CBD, oral sprays enable quick access to the product.

Usually flavoured for optimum enjoyment, oral sprays are portable and convenient for on-the-go usage – making CBD sprays a popular alternative to standard oils and drops.


Other CBD products

While the aforementioned products make up some of the most popular on the market, other CBD products and formats worth noting include:

  • CBD consumables, including soft drinks and coffee
  • CBD capsules

Have you tried any of these products before? Here at PharmaHemp we offer a selection of different CBD products which are designed to safely make CBD more accessible and enjoyable for consumers.

Browse our website for the full collection, or check out our blog for more information about all things related to CBD.

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