Can I Get Addicted to CBD?
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Can I Get Addicted to CBD?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the health supplement industry is linked directly to CBD, and the fact its derived from the same natural source as cannabis which is known for its position as a drug used recreationally around the world.

Before we get into the specifics around addiction and CBD, the first thing to understand is that CBD, while derived from the same plant, is not the same as cannabis. The main difference between the two is that while cannabis contains a component called THC which is responsible for the high that users get, CBD contains only very tiny trace amounts of THC. This means that those who are prescribed or decide to try CBD will not experience any of the recreational symptoms associated with the high of cannabis.

With that said, is CBD addictive?


Addiction and CBD

The shortest answer to this is no, CBD is not an addictive product, and you cannot get physically addicted to it in a clinical sense. Of course, you may find that if the results are particularly beneficial to you as an individual user, then you start to crave those results – however, this is not something which will be impacted by a genuine reliance on the product.

Addiction is when the need for something becomes involuntary and when your body starts to rely on a constant supply of something; adapting to the presence of that substance and thus requiring a steadily higher dose in order to satiate the need. None of this is a risk with CBD products, because they do not contain any chemical component which causes this kind of reaction in the body.


Is cannabis addictive?

When compared with other recreational drugs on the market, it is fair to say that even cannabis with its high levels of THC is not what you would call an addictive drug. If anything, users can get addicted to and crave the results that they get from using the drug, however it is not considered as dangerously addictive as some other drugs.


What happens if you stop taking CBD products?

To return to THC-free CBD products, such as those created and sold by PharmaHemp, its important for consumers to understand that there are no adverse effects to anticipate when you stop or cease taking CBD products – because you will never become addicted to them.

What this means is that CBD products are perfectly safe to trial and see how your body responds to them without fear of a long term reliance or addiction – and that you can cease taking them equally as swiftly with no fear of adverse reactions.


The importance of sourcing quality products

Finally, and before we send you off to try CBD for yourself, its important to understand the difference between CBD products of a high quality and those which are not manufactured by a reputable organisation. If a supplier, manufacturer, or brand is not totally transparent about their products and the levels of different components within them, we advise steering clear of those products as there is no guarantee that they do not contain high levels of THC.

Here at PharmaHemp, we pride ourselves in giving customers complete transparency in relation to ingredients and components within our products.

Browse our individual product pages for more information and check out the PharmaHemp blog to discover more useful articles like this one.

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