Why Consistency is Key With CBD
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Why Consistency is Key With CBD

The benefits of CBD may be unverified in terms of medical data and assessment, but that doesnt mean that we cant look for patterns which connect user results and responses with usage. One of the clearest patterns lies in the link between supposed CBD user benefits and consistent use – with those following a routine not only maximising the way they use every bit of their CBD product, but also making it easier to dissect and identify the immediate results as well as the long term ones.


The importance of a consistent routine when taking CBD

While outcomes are unique and personal to each CBD user, with no distinguished or definitive benefits linked to the products, it is believed that with consistent usage the body becomes more familiar with the product and thus is better able to regulate its response.

To look at one particular example, for those who use CBD as a pain reliever, while one-off usage can help to alleviate and relieve pain in the short term, those with chronic pain will often find that prolonged and consistent use is more effective. Why? Because consistency is the key to long term results which have a lasting impact – in much the same way as health and fitness via other avenues such as through exercise or a change in lifestyle.


Developing a routine that works for you

With that in mind, how do you develop a routine around CBD usage?

Generally the best way to create a routine is to ensure that your chosen CBD product (or any other supplement) is delivered in a format that is easy to factor into your everyday routine or schedule. With CBD available as gummies, oral sprays, oils, drops, and balms to name just a few options, there are a range of different ways of integrating this ingredient into your lifestyle and routine – all you have to do is choose the one that best suits you.


The benefit of our Subscribe & Save package

As with any subscribe and save package, here at PharmaHemp the number one benefit of this particular offer is that it ensures you never run dry of your chosen CBD oil or product – replenishing your stores before you find that you are out of stock”.

With flexible packages which allow you to sign up for a subscription of your ideal length, this is not an attempt to force you into a contractual obligation – rather, it is a chance for you to streamline your access to renewed supplies of your preferred CBD product, so that you can benefit from consistent and reliable access to it.

To take advantage of this, all you need to do is sign up on our website. From there, you will be able to manage deliveries and subscriptions, tailor your package to suit your needs, and open and close new accounts as required.

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