CBD Bundles for Beginners
Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

CBD Bundles for Beginners

A look at four popular CBD product types



As is so often the case with any new product you come across, navigating the different ways of integrating CBD products into your routine and lifestyle means understanding a little about how each of the product types available.

In this blog post were sharing some information about four popular CBD product formats and how they differ from one another.


Four different types of CBD product formats

Below are four popular formats that you may encounter, when looking at CBD products.



Considered a cost effective and convenient way of accessing CBD in a pure and simple form, drops can be added to food products or simply taken as it is, slipped under the tongue and swallowed.

While the following creams and balms are all for topical use on the skin, CBD drops are often a popular for those who want to ingest CBD. Drops are considered to be an ideal format for newcomers to CBD as they allow the user to start with lower % drops and gradually increase their usage.



CBD paste is another type of product available in the CBD market and sits alongside topical CBD. 

Ideal for those who want to control their usage, the strength of CBD is high enough that you only need a small amount to feel the effects – thus making it cost effective as an alternative.



CBD balm is a thick and waxy product and one which is also a topical format of CBD, in that it is applied directly to a targeted area of the body - as opposed to being ingested like the aforementioned drops.

Creams are often the most popular for a daily maintenance and management product. While also an effective topical format, CBD cream is a great choice for those looking to apply the product to larger areas of the body.

Beyond that, cream is an easy and accessible product which can be easily used and which can be a luxurious addition to your routine.


Which CBD format is best for you?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. The best CBD product for you will depend on what you are using it for, and which application method best works for you and your lifestyle. 

If you would like to learn more about CBD, the PharmaHemp blog is a great place to start. Here you will find a large selection of guides and informative articles, designed to cut through the misinformation often found elsewhere online.

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