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What are the main differences between CBDA and CBD?

CBD has become somewhat of a buzzword in the health and wellness space.

Of course, with every new trend there comes a series of questions and supposed links between them and other products – with CBDA making waves in the industry as a form of CBD which is available as a separate substance.

So, what’s the difference between the two and is one better than the other?

How does CBDA differ from CBD?

CBD phytocannabinoid is extracted from the hemp plant, and contains none of the THC which creates the “high” associated with cannabis as a recreational drug.

Despite lacking the THC of cannabis as a drug, CBD does react with the network of receptors in the body and help us to achieve a sense of balance which is cited through alternative therapy as a way to support our health and wellbeing – essentially boosting the body’s own stores of endocannabinoids.

CBDA meanwhile, is short for Cannabidiolic Acid, and is recognised as a raw version of CBD. By that we mean that it is CBD but without the process of decarboxylation - the process of which removes one carbon and two oxygen atoms to create the safe CBD that has become a heralded substance on the market.

What is CBDA?

While few definitive scientific claims can be made in relation to CBD, even less research exists around the authentic properties of CBDA as a medical substance and so it is very hard to uncover and dissect the benefits of using CBDA compared with CBD.

CBDA may be derived from the same plant as CBD, but the way it reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors is different. So far, it has been noted that CBDA inhibits the activity of some enzymes in the body - similarly to CBD, though the results are different and may be more targeted with CBDA.

Because CBDA is categorised as the raw and untreated version of CBD, products which contain CBDA engage and utilise the whole of the hemp plant rather than treated sections, which may change the way it interacts with the body. 

CBDA is essentially the product which is found inside the heart of CBD and exists as a precursor to the more refined CBD product. 

The potency of CBDA as a standalone product is yet undefined, however customers should note that any high quality CBD product likely contains levels of CBDA already – indicating that the substance is natural and safe to use.

Integrating CBD safely into your routine

Here at PharmaHemp we aim to make CBD usage as safe and accessible as possible, with a variety of products available in different forms.

For more information on our CBD products and CBD in general, visit our other blog posts and check out our collection of products.

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