Natural Remedies to Improve Your Mood This Spring
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Natural Remedies to Improve Your Mood This Spring

Spring is a time when many of us kickstart our fitness regimes, when we start looking ahead to summer, and channel more time into our overall health and wellness. And while exercise and increased activity play a major role in both our physical health and our mental wellbeing, there are specific things you can do to nurture a stress-free Spring without reaching for your running shoes.

In this blog post, were sharing a handful of tips for boosting your mental wellbeing this Spring – including small changes you can make to your routine, and introducing a few products that can help you to balance stress.


Get out and about in the sun

It could be a walk, it could be a run; it could even be simply sitting outside with a book. Theres a reason why so many of us feel happier in Spring and Summer, and why Seasonal Affective Disorder has become such a talked-about health topic all year round – and it revolves around the importance of the sun to our physical and mental health.

Not only does getting out and about in the sun trigger the release of serotonin for a better mood, but it also encourages and inspires outdoor activity which naturally releases endorphins – the happy hormone that makes you feel good and helps to push away negative thoughts.


Try your hand at gardening

This induces a number of benefits, particularly in the Spring months – as the act of gardening itself is known to be soothing, while the results (whether edible in the form of vegetables and herbs, or aesthetic in pretty floral displays) provide a prolonged source of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Investing some time in gardening this Spring will give you a focus that keeps drawing you outside to spend time with nature, enhancing your bodys access to natural sunlight, helping to keep you fit and active, and giving you something to look forward to as your hard work blossoms.


Integrate CBD into your routine

This isnt necessarily a tip just for Spring.. A natural substance which is derived from the hemp plant, CBD usage has become increasingly popular in the UK and throughout many other countries around the world.


Declutter your home, wardrobe, and life

This is such a simple activity, and while often linked to Spring in the form of spring cleaning, it can in fact be done at any time of the year. For many of us, decluttering our lives and our homes is akin to decluttering our thoughts and emotions, leaving us with a renewed sense of calm.


Peaceful activities

Weve covered exercise, weve talked about the benefits of getting out and about, and weve introduced the concept of CBD as a complimentary product which can help to restore a sense of calm and productivity.

But the thing to remember is that we all have our own triggers for stress, and conversely we all have things and activities which make us feel better and more at peace. Some of the most common activities that consumers find particularly peaceful and which you could try this Spring include:

  • Photography
  • Listening to classical music
  • Writing in a journal
  • Colouring and other creative ventures

Combine one or all of these activities with time spent sat outside, and youve ticked off two major recommendations on this list without even trying!

Spring is a time for fresh starts and new life – so why not give yourself the gift of a new lease of life and renewed sense of motivation and purpose? By using this advice, combined with products which are designed to facilitate calm and natural wellbeing such as our collection of CBD gummies and oral sprays, you can enter the new season feeling better than ever.

Visit our website and browse our products for more information or head over to the PharmaHemp blog for more useful insights and articles.

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